About Us

  • Where is Event Perfection based?

    We are located in Timsbury, a village near the town of Romsey in Hampshire.

  • How far do you travel for events?

    We usually work events within Hampshire, however please get in touch if you’re considering hosting an event outside the County and we’ll see what we can do!

  • What type of events do you decorate for?

    Whilst the majority of our clients are engaged couples seeking a venue decorator for their special day, we may also be booked for other events such as birthday parties, anniversaries, seasonal celebrations (e.g. Christmas or Hallowe’en) or fancy dress parties.

  • How can I work with you?

    We are always interested in hearing from individuals or companies who are interested in the work we do, who either want to work for, or with, us. Please contact Hazel or Sean to discuss further.

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